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Welcome to Steve Jaffe's Writing World

Thank you for visiting my website.  My goal is to entertain all of my readers with stories that ignite their senses.    I have been asked many times by my loyal readers, after they finish one of my novels, where do I get my story ideas.  I try to answer in simple terms.  But, first I need everyone to understand I only write stories I want to read.   

These ideas come to me easily, it's part of my imagination.  I have a questioning curiosity about life and the day-to-day events that cross my path.  Now, to sum up the original question can only be said with this question I continously ask myself: "What if?"  

Below are the details of my newest novel The Invisible Terrorist. It is now available as a Paperback, Ebook and Audible on Amazon. 

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Thank you again for visiting my web site.


The Invisible Terrorist
When secrets become weapons, no one is safe. Dive into a suspense thriller where every page could be your last. In Steve Jaffe's gripping novel, The Invisible Terrorist, the war on terror is drawing to a close with the advent of Operation Genesis, a top-secret bio-chemical weapon. This new weapon, under President Rawlings' directive, efficiently eliminates terrorist leaders globally without risking American lives. But as with all secrets, the illusion of control shatters when Operation Genesis falls into the wrong hands. Alija al-Assad, a rogue CIA operative turned terrorist, seizes this deadly technology, vowing to unleash it on American soil within eighteen months—his target date, September 11th—a chilling homage to the tragic events of 9/11. As the countdown begins, every American household faces an unprecedented threat. An all too real threat. Enter Grant Reynolds, an intrepid investigative reporter who stumbles upon this clandestine operation. Armed with confidenti

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