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Welcome to Steve Jaffe's Writing World

Thank you for visiting my website.  My goal is to entertain all of my readers with stories that ignite their senses.   

I have been asked many times by my loyal readers, after they finish one of my novels, where do I get my story ideas.  I try to answer in simple terms.  These ideas come to me easily, it's part of my imagination.  I have a questioning curiosity about life and the day-to-day events that cross my path.  Now, to sum up the original question can only be said with this question I continously ask myself: "What if?" 

Below are the details of my new novel that is now available as a Paperback or Ebook.  

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Thank you again for visiting my web site.


The Faces of Doctor Richards Paperback
Would you sacrifice everything for eternal youth, even if you'd be breaking the law?

Five high-profile women, all patients of the world-renown plastic surgeon, Doctor Todd Richards, never imagined that keeping their youthful appearance meant selling their soul to the devil to be part of his experimental treatment. Now their lives are at risk, and there is nothing they can do to protect themselves.

FBI Agents, Jill Emerson and Matt St. Claire discover that there is more to Richards' secret than meets the eye. While the FBI are investigating the doctor, they learn he can transform his identity frequently. Now, as the bodies of his patients keep piling up, Richards stays one step ahead of the FBI agents and CIA, changing his identity at his whim and avoiding capture.

From La Jolla, California to Ensenada Mexico, it is a race against time to capture Richards before he vanishes forever.

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